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We are an an innovative Civil Engineering and Architecture company, with more than 10 years of experience, that creates cost effective solutions for the benefit of the people and the clients. We help you succeed in any engineering or architecture project.

SALO can also provide a Full-Service Delivery Project through its project management skills with its staff, its professionals’ network and associates. SALO is an experienced company formed by an enthusiastic personnel, willing to deliver the extra effort to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Its clients comprise public (government) and private sectors, including commercial and industrial entities.

SALO offers services, which are tailored to the size and complexity of any given project and backed by a corporate commitment of total quality. SALO’s personnel and consultants have developed a comprehensive experience through a diversity of projects that make our team capable to exceed our clients’ expectations.


We are confident that by protecting people and the environment we are working for the future of our clients, the future of our company, and a better future for our world.


Your goals are the motor of everything we do. Our team focuses on providing the best solutions to your project’s needs.


We work in collaboration with our clients and other suppliers. We have no doubt the key to a successful project is having a strong leadership and work as a team.

Our Team


Félix M. López

Water resources and Environmental Department

Salo Team-3

Kettsy García

Water Resources Department

Salo Team-2

Eduardo Rodríguez

CAD GIS Technician

Salo Team-4

Matha Ramos

Administrative Assistant


Cristina Salib

Construction and Project Management Department

Salo Team-5

Orlando Colón

MECE Water Resources Engineer

Vicente Vecchini - Civil Engineer-2

Vicente Vecchini

Civil Engineer

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Let's Work Together

Partner with us and let’s change the future. We work with governements, cities, and private sector in Florida, US and Puerto Rico.

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