Motorambar Water Runoff


In the Cataño Municipality, Motorambar, Inc. one of the most prestigious distributors in Puerto Rico for Nissan, Infinity and Kia car models contacted us. They had some flooding problems that required the intervention of specialist in the hydrologic and hydraulic fields. They had limitations and damages by frequent flood events in the area destinated to store new cars. In order to maximize the use of the lot and to minimizes at its maximum the risk of flooding, we developed a dynamic hydrologic and hydraulic modeling. For this, a detailed survey of the area was required. The analysis extended beyond the borders of the property since an important interaction of the internal runoff at the site exists with the external storm water system. After an extensive analysis we provided different alternatives that would fix the client’s needs.

Some of the causes of the flooding of the area were: 1) The flooded area of the site is in a low point where an important drainage area drains superficially; 2) The receiving water body downstream of the outbound stormwater system was not well maintained; 3) The drainage area was completely impermeable and the storm water system had lack of capacity. In order to address a solution, we were able to determine through the hydrodynamic modeling a maximum possible flood within the site. With this, the area could be delimited taking into account the depth of flood not causing any damage for the proposed use of the site. Storage systems such as underground chambers were evaluated between the solutions.

“Engineer Mr. Felix M. Lopez had provided his consulting services to Motorambar Inc. since 2013, during the period his performance is being outstanding. Highly professional, and schedule compliance focus.”

Jaime Pibernus
Director, Motorombar

“After this project we decided to continue working with SALO in various projects with similar situation. Great relationship, extreme professionalism”

-Rafael Flores
Vice President Special Accounts, Scotiabank